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Dec 8, 2011 2:00am PST
. the place for politics. >>> former penn state football assistant coach jerry sandusky was arrested wednesday on new charges of alleged sexual child abuse. a lawyer for sandusky thinks his client will be released some time today posting $250,000 bail. >> reporter: police led jerry sandusky away from his home in handcuffs wednesday afternoon following new criminal charges of alleged child sexual abuse. the charges involve allegations by two new accusers who claim sandusky abused them. he's accused of assaulting one of the boys in the basement of his home. the victim claims, he screamed for help knowing that sandusky's wife was upstairs, but no one ever came to help him. the former penn state assistant coach had been free on bond following his initial arrest on november 5th, charged with sexually abuse iing eight other children. according to grand jury testimony, sandusky met all of the victims through the second mile charity. sandusky is repeatedly said he's innocent of all charges. >> how would you take it if you were facing the kind of charges he's facing? you be devastated. his family is de
Dec 14, 2011 2:00am PST
minute, jerry sandusky, former penn state assistant coach charged with molesting ten boys, waived his right to a preliminary hearing. prosecutors were prepared to call 11 witnesses. many alleged victims. >>> in the belgian city, a gunman sprayed bullets at christmas shoppers and hurled a grenade at a bus stop, killing four people before taking his own life. more than 120 were wounded. >>> donald trump has canceled plans to moderate a republican presidential debate in iowa, one in which only two candidates agreed to take part. trump says he wants to maintain the option of running for president himself. >>> and a new analysis of census data finds a record low number of adult americans are currently married. just 51%, down from 57% in 2000. the median age when people first marry is now at an all-time high, 26 for women and 28 for men. >>> and how about some blink? this toilet in japan has more flash than flush. the pretty potty is bedazzled with 72,000 pieces of crystals and is worth $128,000. >>> now here's your first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 11,95
Dec 9, 2011 2:00am PST
penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky was released on $250,000 bail thursday after spending a night in jail on new sexual abuse charges. in a statement sandusky's wife defended her husband saying his accusers are making up their story. >>> a new government study finds texting while driving continues to grow at an alarming rate. about half of american drivers between 21 and 24 say they've typed messages or e-mailed while driving with many believing it's dangerous but only when others do it. >>> nasa's inspector general says the space agency has lost or misplaced more than 500 pieces of lunar rocks and other space samples since 1970. the report says nasa needs to keep better track of what it loans to researchers and museums. >>> and a culinary crisis is spreading in norway -- say it ain't so -- after the popularity of a fat, rich diet fad has eaten up the country's stockpiles of butter. bad weather and poor harvest are also being blamed. butter is being sold on norway's top auction website for roughly four times the normal asking price. >>> and severe winds slam scotl
Dec 13, 2011 2:00am PST
." >>> about 100 miles from the penn state campus jerry sandusky will come face to face today with several of the men accusing him of sexually abusing them when they were just boys. michelle franzen has more on this in bellefonte, pennsylvania. >> reporter: the sex abuse case now moves here to bellefonte, about 15 minutes from penn state. prosecutors will use the grand jury report along with witness and testimony from alleged victims to lay out their case, trying to show a judge that there is enough evidence against sandusky to move forward and go to trial. of course, sandusky's lawyer said that they will challenge aggressively the credibility of some of these accusers. we are expected to hear from some of them. there are ten alleged victims in the grand jury report. but we don't know how many will testify today. we are hearing maybe a handful. and many of them are believed to be adults at this time. but the courts and the media are keeping their names -- not revealing their names at this time. that gives the alleged victims the option to either speak out publicly after their testimony tod
Dec 1, 2011 5:00am EST
, jerry sandusky. in the suit the 29-year-old claims sandusky sexually abused him more than 100 times over the course of four years and threatened to tell his family if he told someone. he said he chose to come forward now because of the bravery of other victims and the pain feels about those who may have been abused after him. sandusky has admitted to showering with boys, but he continues to deny he is a pedophile. >>> well now here's your "first look" at other news going on around america today. california federal agents have derailed what's being called the most sophisticated underground drug-trafficking tunnel ever discovered. equipped with electricity and ventilation, it stretched six football fields from san diego to tijuana, mexico. the major bust netted 32 tons of marijuana, one of the largest seizures in u.s. history. >>> a thanksgiving weekend fishing trip off the coast of north carolina looked a lot more like a scene from jaws. yup, that's real. a group of friends had a close encounter with one great white shark that was way too close for comfort i'm sure. the massive fish nudge
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)